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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy!

Why can I never keep the weight off?

This is one of the questions I’m asked the most! And if you’ve ever struggled with your weight I’m sure this is a question that you’ve asked yourself!*

Despite what we’re often lead to believe in endless adverts for quick fix diets, in reality if you’ve struggled with your weight I’m sure you’ll know that losing weight is hard work and keeping it off is even harder! And that’s because losing weight is about so much more than food!*

How often have you finished your diet and lost the weight and thought to yourself “this is it! I’ve done it! I’ll never be big again!” Only to find the weight creeping back on the moment you return to your normal eating habits or the first time something stressful happens?*

And this is where hypnosis is different!*

Weight gain is all about the mind and this is because our minds are creatures of habit and they don’t like feeling uncomfortable, which means in times of stress or anxiety that the mind will search for a familiar fix! Something to sooth the anxiety or distract us from the stressful situation and of course it will return to what it knows! Be that a calming bar of chocolate or a stress relieving takeaway!*

But it’s not just stress and anxiety that can lead to weight gain! Eating is very much part of who we are. We eat to celebrate, to socialise, out of boredom, to commiserate and out of habit! We eat simply because it’s an enjoyable activity and makes us feel good!*

So how can you keep the weight off and still lead a happy and enjoyable life?*


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool! During our hypnotherapy sessions we will work together to enable you to form new and healthier habits and to develop a healthier relationship with food. This allows you to naturally curb the desire to overeat and to alter that binge eating mindset. Through hypnosis you are able to naturally reduce your portion sizes and to find a smaller amount of food much more satisfying without feeling like you’re being deprived!*

Unlike dieting, hypnosis is not a quick fix but rather a long term solution because through hypnosis we are able to alter your mindset and deactivate the triggers that may have led to you overeating in the first place. This means that the weight stays off!*

And hypnosis is a collaboration which means that we’ll be working together to help you to achieve your goals and lose that weight once and for all!*

But don't just take my word for it! Here are some of the testimonials I've received from clients who I've worked with to lose weight and overcome emotional eating.

Danielle, who overcame emotional eating and took control of her eating habits with Hypnotherapy"

"Hypnotherapy has had a beneficial impact on my life."

I did not know what to expect from hypnotherapy and started with little understanding of the process. Following weight gain from 3 years of injury, medication and operations I was ready for some sort of intervention and had a totally open mind about hypnotherapy. Whilst I initially hoped it could assist weight loss, the actual impact has been far greater. I have lost weight and dropped clothes sizes but more importantly, I have a better understanding of my issue with food, I can better manage my emotional eating and I continue to lose weight without the pressure or depravation of a diet. Whilst getting to my ideal weight is a journey I need more time to complete, I feel confident in my ability to achieve and maintain it.

Having struggled with my weight for many years, I have tried a variety of diets and diet clubs. Hypnotherapy has helped me to actually feel in control for the first time. I feel so much happier and now that my friends and family have started to notice my weight loss it feels great!

Danielle, Surrey

"Kate, who lost weight with Hypnotherapy"

​Louise is a brilliant hynotherapist. Having had a hypnoband - I am losing weight without even trying, feeling fuller and back in control of my eating. So happy - can't recommend Louise highly enough.

Kate, West Sussex

Please note that a successful treatment outcome cannot be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person*