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Break the Smoking Habit with Hypnotherapy!

Quitting Smoking can be a real challenge. So why not make it easier with hypnotherapy!*

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and affordable treatment that works by altering the negative thought patterns and behaviours that lead to smoking. Hypnotherapy can reduce and in many cases eliminate the craving for cigarettes altogether, meaning that quitting smoking is an altogether more pleasant experience.*

Every hypnotherapy session is tailored to your individual requirements using a combination of hypnotherapeutic and cognitive behavioural strategies that enable you to change the thought processes and behaviours that lead to smoking. This means that you not only stop smoking, but are given the tools to remain a non-smoker for good!*

So how does it work?

Hypnotherapy works by bypassing the conscious mind and guiding the individual into a heightened state of suggestibility through the use of relaxation and visualization. In the hypnotic state, the mind is much more receptive to the positive suggestions and ideas that enable you to become a non-smoker.

What if I struggle?

As part of your stop smoking package, you’ll not only receive two sessions of bespoke hypnotherapy, but you’ll also receive your stop smoking pack full of proven tips and strategies for remaining a non-smoker for life.

What do other people say?

Dear Louise, once again thank you for your help in me stopping smoking. It was an incredible experience and, since, my breathing volume has more than doubled, no doubt due to the absence of the toxins in my body. As an asthmatic I certainly embrace my new-found wellbeing and improved health and can only recommend your services to anybody in need.
Terri, West Sussex

Louise's relaxing and calming attitude, coupled with the comfortable surrounding made my hypnosis experience truly wonderful. I have found hypnosis has enabled me to stop smoking with ease and confidence, all thanks to Louise and her amazing talent.
Charlotte, Surrey

Please note that a successful treatment outcome cannot be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person*