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Hypno-birthing enables you to experience the most comfortable birth for you! We will work together to address any anxieties, concerns or pre-conceived ideas that you may have about birth and if necessary to overcome previous negative birthing experiences.*

Hypno-birthing puts you in control of your birthing experience, helping you to feel empowered and comfortable throughout. Many people believe that giving birth is an agonising experience, but this need not be the case.*

As part of the Hypno-birthing process you will learn self-hypnosis, relaxation exercises and visualizations meaning that instead of being tense and in pain throughout your birth, your body will work to its own natural rhythm meaning that you can enjoy a comfortable, natural and uplifting birthing experience.*

As part of your Hypno-birth, your Birthing partner is able to play an active role in your birthing experience, creating a wonderful bond both within your relationship and with your baby.*

Please note that a successful treatment outcome cannot be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person*