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Erythrophobia! Overcome the Fear of Blushing with Hypnotherapy!

Erythrophobia (the fear of Blushing) is actually a form of social anxiety. Literally because we feel anxious in the company of others and in social situations and worry about blushing, we blush. Every emotion that we have causes what's known as a physiological (physical) reaction in the body on some level. An example of this would be if you watch a scary film and your mouth becomes dry and your heart beat increases. Through the use of hypnotherapy we are able to reduce and often eliminate the anxiety which you experience in these situations which means that you then no longer blush.*

When we experience a physiological reaction over a long period of time as is often the case with blushing, the mind expects to blush in anxiety inducing situations, this means that when you're in an anxiety inducing situation the mind produces the usual (expected) blushing response. As a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist I am able to help you to examine these beliefs that when you're in an anxiety inducing situation you become anxious and so blush and to alter these beliefs. We can work together to increase your confidence in anxiety inducing situations, meaning that you longer experience that unwanted blushing response.*

Please note that a successful treatment outcome cannot be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person*