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Overcome PTSD With Hypnotherapy!

Throughout our lives we all experience tough times and have difficult experiences. And usually in time we overcome these experiences, however in some cases, when an experience is particularly traumatic or prolonged, we may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Sufferers of PTSD commonly experience a range of debilitating symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, repetitive and distressing thoughts and unpleasant physical sensations, extreme anger, a feeling of being ‘numb’ and symptoms such as physical pain, sweating and nausea.
Often people with PTSD will suffer a lot of guilt and shame, often questioning whether they could have done something to change the situation in some way. These thoughts can become all-consuming and lead to further negative thoughts, depression and insomnia.

People with PTSD commonly describe feel constantly ‘on edge’. This is because the central nervous system is in a constant state of high alert known as ‘hyperarousal’. Essentially the brain is constantly in a state of fight or flight, waiting for a dangerous or threatening situation to occur.
When we experience a particularly traumatic memory, our brains essentially become struck. The memory sits in the amygdala ‘the fear centre of the brain’ and instead of our brains processing the memory and the traumatic memory gradually fading, the memory remains very current. In fact people experiencing PTSD will often say things like “it seems like it just happened”. And this is why!

So how can Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Help?

Through the use of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy we are able to work at a deeper level, addressing the traumatic memory and helping the mind to process the trauma. This means that although the memory will always be unpleasant, it will become more bearable and the negative emotions and feelings associated with the traumatic memory will gradually fade.*

Hypnosis calms the central nervous system, reducing the state of hyperarousal and allowing the mind to relax so that it is no longer primed, waiting for a traumatic incident to occur.
Through the use of cognitive behavioural strategies, we are able to challenge and alter the negative beliefs and thought processes surrounding the traumatic memory. This leads to a reduction and often elimination of the debilitating anxiety and anger that so often accompanies PTSD.*

Through the use of cognitive behavioural hypnotherapeutic techniques such as visualization, suggestion, cognitive restructuring and dissociation we are able to not only reduce the impact of the traumatic memory, but also to develop coping strategies that enable you to take back control of your life.*

Please note that a successful treatment outcome cannot be guaranteed and results may vary from person to person*